Global Compliance offers its clients the necessary training within the compliance program.

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This course is aimed at professionals and it’s offered using a practical methodology.

How are the courses?

Training is provided in a guide format. At the end of each topic, cases and exercises are presented along with a self-assessment test. The student is given a real and updated perspective of the role and functions of a Compliance Officer or Delegate. Finally, the evaluation after the training will serve to measure the effectiveness of the training.

The methodology is flexible and adapted to the needs of each company, regardless of its geographical location or time availability. The training can be done remotely or in a semi-presential way (depending on the needs of the company).


Why do you need compliance training?

Compliance training provides the necessary skills to deal and decide correctly on ethical conflicts at work. It is necessary to appoint a compliance officer who needs the appropriate training.

It is also necessary that all employees know about compliance. Trained employees can act with the necessary confidence and avoid insurmountable dilemmas. Compliance training also serves to improve the perception and image of the company itself by involving employees more in compliance and improving productivity.


Why continuing education?

Employee training in ethics and compliance is an essential element of any compliance program. The quality certificates (ISO 19600) implies that the compliance implementation procedure includes effective continuous training programs and informing employees according to their positions and responsibilities. The frequency of communication on ethics and compliance affects the level of compliance and therefore the effectiveness of a compliance program. The company's attitude must be proactive and move away from traditional and frontal training. More training means better communication and less non-compliance.


A training plan integrated in the compliance program? Why?

Most of the time, training is done at once and it’s not updated after the implementation of the program. This is often inadequate to reinforce the business culture as intended by the Code of Ethics. Training must be scheduled in an effective and well-structured manner, as required by the courts of law.

The Global Compliance training department, together with the compliance officer, draws up a compliance training plan. In the training plan it is essential to define and adapt the content to the sector, business, department and participants. Global Compliance guarantees you the best training.


1. What is compliance and what is it for?

Concept of compliance and corporate governance.

2. How are compliance programs and how are they implemented?

Regulatory framework and compliance policies of the company and management. Risk assessment.

3. Who is in charge of managing compliance programs?

Compliance officer. Roles and responsibilities.

4. How does the compliance program work?

Compliance with regulations. Ethical codes, codes of conduct or good practices

5. How to act according to the compliance program?

Whistleblowing channel and investigations. Monitoring and control of the compliance program. Protocols of action. Confidentiality and data protection.

6. Are there guarantees of the good functioning of the compliance program?

Quality certificates. Internal audits. External complaint channels and public authorities.
7. Is compliance useful for conflict resolution?

Conflict resolution systems. Organizational mediation.

8. Recapitulation.

Practical cases. Conclusions and self-evaluation.


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