Business Compliance Program

CORPORATE COMPLIANCE is the compliance program for companies. Although it is applied in all areas (criminal, labor, fiscal or tax, administrative...), the most used compliance is the criminal one. From 2010 on, criminal compliance will be compulsory for all companies that wish to exempt themselves from liability.

Since then, companies are susceptible to committing crimes, regardless of the specific individuals involved, and to be punished with real penalties.

The implementation of a Corporate Compliance or Crime Prevention Plan allows companies and their partners and administrators to avoid and/or minimize the responsibility derived from the acts of their employees.

It will also be obligatory for all companies with more than 50 employees or in certain sectors of activity to implement a channel for complaints from 2021 onwards, as a result of the imposition of Directive (EU) 2019/1937.



It is our Compliance program and it takes care of everything. COMPLIUX is your compliance app.

- Compliance explained in a minute and a half (see video).

The legal entity is criminally liable when:

  • A person in the organization commits a crime.
  • The offence has been committed in the name or on behalf of the legal entity.
  • The legal entity has received (or may receive) a direct or indirect benefit.


Who can commit these crimes?

  • Persons with decision-making power.
  • Legal representatives.
  • Persons with power of organization and control.
  • Any other employee/collaborator, by breaching the duty of control.

The range of possible offences is very wide and it is NOT necessary for the company to have collaborated directly in them.

There is only one way to avoid or reduce the penalty in case of committing a crime...

Demonstrating that the company has been diligent through the adoption of the necessary measures and implementing a CORPORATE COMPLIANCE or CRIMINAL RISK PREVENTION PLAN.

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