GLOBAL COMPLIANCE is made up of a team of lawyers, computer developers from the artificial intelligence sector, and professionals from the business world. It has Compliance officers with CESCOM certificate and they are corporate partners of CUMPLEN.

The company has compliance experts accredited on the lists of the Spanish Courts of Justice. If you need a compliance expertise, do not hesitate to contact us.

It was created with the aim of providing companies with the best possible Criminal Compliance service. The legal department was soon expanded to include labor, tax and administrative compliance, data protection and civil-commercial compliance.

In addition, given the need to provide our customers with an internal complaints channel or information mailbox, we have designed the most reliable and, at the same time, the easiest to use. The system, managed by our IT department, offers the widest range of functionalities.

Our professionals offer efficient follow-up and response. They are supported by the most experienced compliance officers. At the same time, the necessary compliance training is provided by the best trainers. The training department is formed by a multidisciplinary team attentive to the latest developments.

All services are developed mainly telematically, although personal assistance and contact with the client is basic in our day to day, achieving that the Corporate Compliance we develop is auditable and an essential element for the criminal defense that eliminates the liability of our clients. Our experience makes the customization of the prevention plan developed for our clients, based on the company itself, the sector and the location, to be of the highest possible quality. All this together with the latest technology has served to create COMPLIUX, your definitive tool. COMPLIUX, an application that we put at your fingertips to have everything in a simple and intuitive way.


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